Finding the Right Vegan Supplements

Finding the Right Vegan Supplements

Finding the Right Vegan Supplement

Being vegan isn't easy. Both vegans and vegetarians struggle with finding products that contain zero animal byproducts. Finding the right key nutrients our body needs can also be challenging. By 2018, it should be easy to find vegan-friendly supplements, but is it? 

One of our proud, local partners, The Juice Truck, wrote an informative article about their recommendations of best vegan supplements and why. It features our Power Iron + Organic Spirulina as a top pick for iron supplements (thanks Juice Truck!).

Iron is the most common deficiency and the leading cause of anemia. Symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, headache, pale skin and overall weakness. Our body needs iron as it helps metabolize proteins, produce hemoglobin and red blood cells. For those with low iron, we always recommend our Power Iron + Organic Spirulina as it is formulated with a high dose (45 mg) of non-constipating iron bisglycinate and organic spirulina to help with absorption.

For more information on vegan supplements, check out the full article of The Complete Guide to Vegan Supplements here:

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