My Iron Level went from 3 to 26 – in 3 months!

My Iron Level went from 3 to 26 – in 3 months!

My Iron Level went from 3 to 26 - in 3 months! 

My name is Linda Jefferson. I am a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (RNCP), Certified Cancer Practitioner (CNCP), Certified Dark Field Microscopy (Live Blood Analysis), Applied Kinesiologist and owner of New Roads Nutritional Clinic. 

VITALITY called me for almost a year to introduce their line. I agreed to meet at CHFA West (May 2016) and became personally interested in the Power Iron + Organic Spirulina and Digest+. Two of my personal struggles are: 1) low iron and 2) digestive issues – especially since having my gallbladder removed. 

Linda from New Roads Nutritional Clinic -100 Mile House, BC

My Iron Levels have always been low. 

My June results: 3 

I started talking Power Iron + Organic Spirulina in mid-June. My iron level (ferratin) was a 3. I had previously taken other iron supplements including liquid iron products. They did not increase my levels. 

Within 3 months, my Iron Levels were 26 

By taking a higher level of iron with the cofactors including organic spirulina, my body responded. I am within a healthy range and it only took 1 VITALITY Power Iron + Organic Spirulina each day. 

Linda’s Recommendations:

My two personal recommendations are: Power Iron + Organic Spirulina and Digest+. With no gallbladder I have taken digestive enzymes for years; they did nothing compared to VITALITY Digest+. Digest+ is the only one I need now! I recommend VITALITY with confidence to my clientele – especially after my personal experience with the products.

With Gratitude from VITALITY 

When we decided to revitalize VITALITY, we didn’t know the steep hill ahead of us. We are energized by feedback from customers – especially when lives are changed. Thank you for your support of VITALITY and for sharing your stories with us. Building a new line takes time and work, and we appreciate your support and recommendations as we grow and help more customers – including Linda. We are honoured to be recognized with an alive Award – Consumer Choice – Favourite Women’s Product. 

Yours in Health, 

Cheryl and Doug Grant

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