Tired? You're not alone

Tired? You're not alone

Tired? You're not alone

Google “why am I so tired” or “what day of the week people are most tired” and you’ll quickly see you’re in good company. Although, really - do you want to be?

Most people – whether in the United States or Canada – are waking up tired. This is for several reasons:

Not sleeping long enough, not having a deep or restorative sleep and carrying stress while we’re sleeping. Most people try to recharge for Monday, but by Friday are burnt out. 

There are solutions. Let’s start with the top five:

  • Turn off the phone. Yes, you. We see you in bed. Checking Facebook and work emails. Studies show that we shouldn’t use our mobile devices up to 2 hours before bed and shut off all electronics 30 minutes to 1 hour before going to sleep.
  • Look for herbal help. Herbs calm the body from chamomile teas to natural health supplements. Most herbs or melatonin focus on stopping the mind or prompting sleep. But look for a holistic solution that calms the mind and muscles. Muscle memory holds tension and causing grinding of teeth, restless legs and general restlessness. Cramp bark in VITALITY Relax+ calms muscles, while valerian and passionflower calm the mind.
  • Go to bed earlier. The body’s natural time to recharge is during sleep. During these restorative hours we repair tissue in our bodies and wake up with energy for our day. Most people require 8 hours of sleep; so if you need to be up for 6 o’clock for work, then be in bed by 9:30 or 10 PM.
  • Add calming scents. If you haven’t heard of essential oils and diffusers, let us introduce you. By adding a few drops of lavender and other calming oils and disperse them into the air with a diffuser you will help calm your body with every breathe. This is especially ideal for people looking for relief from stress, anxiety or insomnia.
  • Walk outside. We’re fans of adding short walks to your day – especially outside. So if you can, arrange for 15 to 30 minutes during lunch and after work to walk, make a dedicated time in your day for exercise.


Bonus Tip: If you’re a woman and find yourself consistently tired, talk to your doctor about getting your iron levels (ferritin) tested with a blood test or check for vitamin deficiency. Many women have low iron that impacts their energy and mood. Adding B vitamins, a multivitamin and iron supplements can help add energy to your day.


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