One of the greatest benefits of being part of natural health is seeing our customer's health change. It is our focus and commitment. Today, we share Jeanne’s success going from medical intervention to self management of iron deficient anemia with VITALITY Power Iron + Organic Spirulina.

"Your Product Literally Saved My Life"

After struggling with iron deficiency for years, Jeanne no longer needs blood transfusions or IV's after taking VITALITY Power Iron + Organic Spirulina. This advanced, natural iron supplement increased Jeanne's iron levels from critical to normal in under two months.

Power Iron + Organic Spirulina

Your Award Winning Iron Supplement

Power Iron + Organic Spirulina is formulated with 45 mg of iron bisclyinate, plus key vitamins and organic spirulina to increase absorption and energy. It's gentle on the stomach, well absorbed and non-constipating to help build blood, deliver oxygen through the body to improve energy and mood.

Made in BC

All of VITALITY’s products are made within 60 KM of Vancouver, Canada. We start with quality ingredients, proven formulas and manufacture our products in Health Canada site licensed, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Facilities with a chief scientist on staff. Your health is core to us. We third party test all products before bottling, labelling and shipping to your door.

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