6 Tips to Stay Hydrated this Summer

6 Tips to Stay Hydrated this Summer

6 Tips to Stay Hydrated this Summer 

Added activities, the sun and summer treats can leave us dehydrated. Vitality has 6 tips to help you stay hydrated and feeling energized this summer. 

1) Start your day with water.  After 5-8 hours of sleep, most of us wake up dehydrated. A fast remedy: a cold glass of water first thing will refresh and give your body a boost. 

2) Avoid dehydrating. Seems simple enough but coffee, tea, and some energy drinks can sap your hydration away. Caffeine is a diuretic and will cause your body to release water. Bring balance by limiting caffeine or drinking extra water.

3) Sip Water – throughout the day. Instead of waiting till your mouth or lips feel dry, sip water every 15-20 minutes throughout the day to prevent dehydration – this is especially important if you’re in the sun. Also, the body can confuse a thirst signal for a hunger signal. Steadily drinking water can also support weight management. 

4) Avoid Sugar. Rather than turning to sweetened iced drinks and sodas, grab a natural drink like coconut water or try an iced caffeine-free herbal tea with lemon. 

5) Consider your environment. Dry rooms, central heating and air conditioning can be dehydrating. If you’re in an office get outside for fresh air and consider a bowl of water in various rooms in your home. The water will evaporate and add moisture to the air. 

6) Grab fruit for snacks. Fruit is primarily water and is great for you. Apples provide water and fibre, while blueberries offer vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant. Peaches and watermelon can sweeten plain yogurt for breakfast or act as a healthy afternoon snack

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