Men: They need Collagen too!

Men: They need Collagen too!

Men: They need Collagen too!

Marketing and word of mouth have brought collagen products to the mainstream, but a lot of the information and products are focused on women for health and beauty. But the truth is collagen supplements can benefit all adults - especially men! 

Three Benefits of Collagen Supplements for Men:

  1. Collagen for Joint Health & Exercise Recovery

  2. Men are powerhouses. With higher levels of muscle on average than women, men need higher levels of protein and their joints can undergo added wear-and-tear from sports, carrying kids around and day-to-day pressure from naturally larger frames and body weight. Collagen makes up our joint cartilage and it's this cartilage that acts as the 'shock absorbers' for our bodies and helps joints glide smoothly. Over time, this cartilage can start to break down, resulting in pain and reduced function. Studies on athletes have found that after 12 weeks of collagen supplementation, they experienced less pain with movement, climbing stairs and carrying objects. This means that collagen supplements are a great option to stay a healthy, powerhouse.

  3. Collagen for Digestive Health

  4. Spicy food, BBQs and snacks during the Super Bowl can damage the gut lining and lead to digestive issues like heartburn or IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome). Luckily, collagen is high in amino acids glycine and proline which help rebuild the gut lining to keep it working properly. Similar to bone broth which is rich in collagen, a scoop of collagen in the morning coffee or smoothie helps to repair and support digestive health.

  5. Collagen for Hair Growth

  6. Whether it is their hair, beards or moustaches – men don’t want to see them thin out or lose them with age. Hair is made of the protein keratin and our bodies make keratin using amino acid building blocks that come from protein. Collagen supplements (hydrolyzed collagen peptides) provide the required protein that is broken down for high absorption and has high amounts of the amino acid proline. Proline is the main building block of keratin, thus collagen can help support the growth of strong, healthy hair.

An Added Bonus: Biotin is a leading vitamin for hair, skin and nail health. All VITALITY GLOW Marine Collagens include biotin in their formulas for extra benefit! 

VITALITY uses premium grade Canadian-sourced marine collagen (from Nova Scotia) that is unflavoured and virtually tasteless and dissolves easily in cold or hot water. This makes it a quick and easy addition to a morning coffee or smoothie to look and feel your best.

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