Cleansing Done Right

Cleansing Done Right

Cleansing Done Right

Herbal Cleanses

During cleanses our immunity and bodies are weakened with the release of toxins. To support your body and feel your best:

Add a B complex and Vitamin C

B complex: B-vitamins are among the first vitamins depleted under stress when toxins are present. It's important to replenish the B-complex vitamins during a detox program. Detoxification stirs toxins in the body which can interrupt the normal, healthy synthesizing of the B-Vitamin Complex. The B vitamins are essential for good health and nutrition. They assist in healthy blood, bones, and nerve function, as well as supporting liver function and hormone balance. B-Complex is necessary to aid in the body's nutritional demands during the detoxification process. During detoxification, take a quality B-complex vitamin once daily in the morning with food.

Vitamin B3: The primary function of B3 is to cleanse the blood, the liver, the lymph system, and the skin. The liver houses more blood than any organ in the human body, so when the liver is toxic, the blood is likely toxic, too. During detoxification make sure to take at least 50 mg of B3 to support cleansing toxins

Vitamin C: During detoxification, the body typically requires more vitamin C than normal, and its importance as a primary antioxidant in removing toxins from the body. It is critical to supplement with vitamin C daily. Every cell in the human body ideally floats in water. A quality vitamin C supplement easily dissolves in water and travels to each body cell, cleansing the cells of impurities and removing toxins via the body's fluids. When your body is saturated in vitamin C, the residual vitamin C exits the body. As our bodies can only absorb 200 mg per hour the rest is flushed out, time release support absorption.

Vitality Time Release B Complete + C 

Support your body, enhance detoxification and reduce fatigue and memory “fog”

A perfectly balanced B60 Complex with Vitamin C 600 mg to support your body. With Vitality’s unique time release made with plant fibres it slows release to support your body’s absorption over multiple hours to boost energy, cell health and reduce fatigue. Vegan Friendly. Non-GMO and made in BC.

Pair your cleanse with a Vitality Time Release B Complete + C

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