Digestive issues? How Goldenseal helps.

Digestive issues? How Goldenseal helps.

Digestive issues? How Goldenseal helps?

Goldenseal is known by many for immunity, but this healing root’s history is grounded in digestion. Here’s how goldenseal will strengthen and support your digestive system:

  • Goldenseal is a bitter and improves your digestion. It increases the amount of saliva in your mouth as well as other digestive juices to help break down food.
  • Goldenseal has a cleansing and antibiotic effect which helps soothe inflammation in the digestive tract, reducing irritation to help your body better absorb nutrients.
  • When bad bacteria is in the gut, we have increased gas, bloating and even abdominal pain. Goldenseal’s active compound, berberine, reduces bad bacteria to reduce distress.
  • This dynamic root also treats and prevents heartburn. Goldenseal root soothes the digestive system and helps lower the levels of acid, so that acid reflux and heartburn occur less often. Taking it after the heartburn begins helps provide relief.
  • Goldenseal in low amounts is safe to take to support digestion. Health Canada recommends between 60 - 3000 mg per day; for high levels (several hundred to thousand milligrams or more a day) check with your doctor for long term use.
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